Aaron is native born of Utah. He founded Kaggie Holdings Inc., in 2003

Aaron is known for his versatility to use all the latest software technology innovations.
He utilizes a full suite of cutting edge technology to insure clients are in the best position to serve their clients. Aaron's closely monitors the markets, and competition to identify trends and leverage opportunities to help clients prosper in an ever-changing market place.

1. Ken Kerr was Aarons first mentor. Ken fulfilled Walt Disney’s dream of the Epcot Center & Tokyo Disney. Ken shared many invaluable marketing secrets in how movie companies make their billions.

SPECIAL SKILLS: multi-media technologies, search-engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, ad layouts, marketing off-line and on-line, direct-response advertising, branding advertising, image management, photography, retouching, photo compositing, color correction. Logo design, illustration, graphic design, typography, web design, video production.

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