What do you love to shoot?

People, Products, Birds, Landscapes, very veritable, I love to shoot a variety of things, singly, or combine the group together, I love to shoot studio shoots as much as love to shoot outdoor environment also shoots with or without people, I would say I have a love and respect for all things.

How do you love to shoot it/ them?

I love to shoot with studio light as well as existing natural light, and to combine the two.

Some days I love to be inside other days I love to be outside and weather doesn't play a factor in this it's more my mood, I love a blizzard as well as hot blaring sun. The cold abandoned buildings as much as ultra rich exquisite high end buildings. I'm very versatile, it's why others say I have can have empathy for a large variety of things.

What do you bring to the project?

Knowledgeable in the professional business environment as well as the outdoor survival environment. Love for both city life and out door life. Being very punctual, very knowledgeable so I can relate to a lot of people. Not afraid we of risk, yet know when to play it safe. Very passionate about what I do. Have an ability to get others to go along with what I am doing just on my passion for a subject, or activity. Very persistent, but know when to back off.

What are your dream clients?

Katydyn, MSR, Black Diamond, Peltz, most outdoor adventure lifestyle companies, REI, Cabellas, most companies associated with camping, hiking, 4x4, canyoneering, survival companies, under armor, hiking shoes, outdoor clothing companies.

Why did you become a photographer? What was the first spark of fire?

It gave me life as something to live for, when I was really sick and could have died, to excel at a skill I am good at and become professional at this skill set. Photography gave me something to wake up and get out of beds and enjoy life's meaning again (as well as multi-media designing.) It gave me a reason to live again and experience the joy of love of work rather than work hard and learn to love the work. It was a new concept for me and I fought it at first.

My first spark was when my aunt let me use her pro mamyia 35 mm camera for a high school class, the whole process I loved, it wasn’t until years later I got my own slr, I think back to that thought long time ago in high school, and my love for photography started there.

What are 5 words that describe your work?

Clean, Planned, Professional, Structured, Flexible.

What are 5 words that describe you?

Punctual, Prepared, Thinker, Organized, Knowledgeable.

What makes working with you different from working with any other photographer out there?

Would say my love and passion for photography and how it shows in working with others, it will always be on time, presented in a clean professional manner, with little to no excuses seeing possibilities were others might have over looked them. Having a lot of thought going into making the photograph before and after to make sure the idea or concept is properly conveyed.




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